Company’s Vision

Vision of the company reflects in its tag line – The MAX OPTIMIZATION.
Achievement of growth with integrity and development at optimum cost and producing high standard steel for its clients at a very affordable price has been the foundation stone for R S Group. With the member groups around the full steel chain, from steel manufacturing to distribution, from downstream processing to design, and from drafting to detailing, the company encompasses the full-range of services and excellence along with the provision of high standard products. With a strong vision to help the growing market of India with fabricated steel, the company is active in producing varied range of steel production in the present market. The vision is to influence the profitable growth for the complete Indian steel value chain. Establishing itself as a globally admired organization that improves the quality of life of various stakeholders by way of sustainable industrial as well as business development has remained the motto of the organization since its inception.

Company’s Mission

Transparency is one of the essence at RS Group. We always ensure our contribution and layout in steel manufacturing are rooted with a realistic approach which would assist in taking the right buying decision. As a leading and the trusted steel manufacturing company in India our mission is to understand the needs of our investors, associates and most importantly customers, thereby providing them with the right products as per the industry requirements.

We aspire to grow by:

  • Focusing on product quality, on time delivery, value, and meeting committed timelines.
  • Ensuring optimum utilization of resources and maintaining the highest ethics as well as standards.
  • Keeping abreast with the sustainable environment-friendly processes as well as practices.
  • Hiring, Developing and Retaining the topmost people to make the company best in the global market.
  • Maximizing the return on investment and paying back to the stakeholders.
  • Attaining highest level of efficiency, integrity and honesty for all associated within the organisational ambit.
  • Improving and developing the entire team.

We regard and declare ourselves as a reliable steel manufacturing and producing company. We wish to cater to all industry verticals that crave for excellent quality steel. We are focused on providing high standard durable products by way of optimized processes, uniformity, and trusted channel partner.

By excelling in these areas we will create an environment that would allow us to continue growing at our top line revenue. This would continually improve our shareholder value and provide a secure and rewarding future opportunity for the entire RS Group.