Hot Rolled Steel Strip

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Hot Rolled Strips. Hot Rolling is employed for rolling of steel slabs to hot strips in hot strip mills. Like any other hot rolling operations, rolling of hot strip is also a plastic deformation process, wherein the slab is processed into strip by compressive force applied through a set of rolls. The cross section of the slab is reduced by the hot rolling process. Our product has excellent suitability to forming process. The material gets squeezed between a pair of rolls, as a result of which the thickness gets reduced and the length gets increased. Rolling of hot strip is done at high temperature because of requirement of large deformations. Hot rolling results in residual stress free strip. Thickness and Width are maintained within tolerance. Our HR Strips are used for welded tube and pipes, structural and general engineering, cold rolling, drawing and press forming, automobile industry etc.

We can provide Customized Strips of various sizes and widths as per requirements.

Thickness Range: 1.2mm to 3mm
Width: 100mm- 240mm
Weight: 1 MT - 1.4 MT